This is The Biggest Hair Colour Trend Of The Season

Sick of your boring hair colour? Now is the perfect time to experiment with a fresh bold ‘do’ because heavy metal hair colours are quickly becoming one of the biggest hair trends of the season.

With hues in everything from copper to silver, a heavy metal hair colour is the perfect way to quickly update your look this winter.

Not for the faint hearted, copper hair colour is bold and striking. The statement colour choice that debuted at Coachella on the heads of the likes of Kylie Jenner, definitly requires a colourist that knows a thing or two about bold colour.

Kylie Jenner is obsessed with color play, so wigs are a must to keep the health of her hair in check. Even still, this bright copper shade she debuted at Coachella is totally in reach for your strands IRL as long as you have a colorist who knows their way around penny-hued dyes. Extra points if you throw some dark root growth into the mix.

Rose gold
The softest of the heavy metal tones, rose gold is a great option for golden blondes as it only requires you to add a slight pink tint.

Platinum hair is basically equal parts white and silver and it looks AH-mazing. If you are going to opt for a platinum hue however be warned, this colour choice is super high maintenance so make sure you have a very large bottle of purple shampoo ready to go.

Jennifer Lawrence has done a lot of experimenting on the platinum blonde spectrum, and her current 'do is cooler than cool. Literally. The equal parts white and silver shade is totally reminiscent of the metallic element itself, buuuut is super high maintenance. (AKA you better have purple shampoo on tap.)

The most metallic of all of the heavy metal shades, the key to achieving this look is using the right toners. The perfect silver look will require a pro colourist so please ladies, do not try this one at home.

Ronze is a hybrid tone (red + bronze) that is an edgier version of classic red. The perfect colour option for natural brunettes, the key to pulling off ronze is finding the version that flatters your skin tone.

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