5 Bucket List Road Trips You Need To Experience Before You Die

There are few things more liberating than a good old-fashioned road trip. The wind in your hair, the open road and all the time in the world, road trips are a special kind of holiday that you are bound to remember forever.

With so many road trips to choose from it can sometimes be hard to know where to go. Helping us all to decide which road trips are must-dos, the good people at Travel Supermarket recently released a very clever infographic that gives a summary of five epic Eastern European road trips that are absolute must-trys.

“Eastern Europe is this continent’s best kept secret, with tourists traditionally opting for the well-trodden paths of France, Spain and Italy,” Travel Supermarket explains. “If you’re looking for an energetic nightlife, beautiful beaches and awe-inspiring scenery combined with fascinating history, arts and culture, Eastern Europe has it all.”

If you’re looking to get away and experience something truly awe-inspiring, trying one of these road trips could be perfect for you – or better yet, experience them all.

Image source: TravelSupermarket;

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