The Hair Colour That Is Set To Dominate This Season

Every season has a hero hair colour and of course, this season is no exception. Back in October Georgia May Jagger debuted a hair colour that took that world by storm and left hair enthusiasts everywhere with a serious case of hair envy.


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The colour in question is ‘blorange’ and hair gurus all over the world are hailing the unusual shade as THE colour of the season. So what actually is blorange? A new take on the pastel hair trend, blorange is a bold mix or blonde and orange and generally has a tinge of pink thrown in.

? #TrendAlert: La tendencia más hot para esta temporada es ¡el #peachhair ? look! ?Pros, para crear este look sigue estos pasos: Paso 1⃣ Decoloración: 30 gr de Platinium Plus + 90 gr de Nutrirevelador de 20 (ó 30) Vol + smartbond Paso 2⃣ Fondo De Aclaración ideal 10 (importante el fondo para obtener el tono deseado) Paso 3⃣ Matiz opción 1 MAJIREL: 50 gr de 9.22 + 2 gr. De 6.64 vibrant +150 ml. De Majicreme de 20 vol. Paso 4⃣ Tiempo de Pose 10 min? Matiz Opción 2 INOA Paso 1⃣: 60 gr de INOA 10.21+ 30 gr. De CLEAR de INOA+ 3 gr de 7.64 con 90 gr de revelador enriquecido de 20 vol. ?Tiempo de Pose 10-15 min #haircoloristhenewmakeup #lorealpro #softpeach #hairstyle #onlyinsalon Regram: @funnypilgrimloves

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Like other popular pastel tones like pink and purple, blorange works best on platinum blonde hair and as with other pastel hair colours, it has a habit of being a teensy bit hard to care for because it fades fairly quickly.

The hue was created by celebrity hairstylist Alex Brownsell and while it has really only been around for a few months, it has quickly become one of the most talked about hair colours on the internet.

Further experiments in blorange thanks @alexbrownsell

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According to that very reliable source that is Urban dictionary, blorange can also occur when a blonde dye job goes wrong. “Like where someone dyes their hair blonde but it looks orange –> blorange – ‘omigod courtney dyed her hair blorange.'” While blorange may have been a faux pas in the past, it is now very much chic.

Rumor has it that when creating blorange, Brownsell was actually inspired by the peach emoji. How very pop culture. We loveeeeee.

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