It’s Official: This Is The Exercise That Burns The Most Calories

In this modern world we are all busy people. Between work, family commitments and spending time with friends, it can sometimes be a struggle to make it to the gym or head out for a run. Recognising that exercise is often hard to fit into your day, The Economist looked deeper into the calorie burning potential of each form of exercise and came to some interesting conclusions.

The Economist looked at statistics from the British Heart Foundation, Sports and Fitness Industry Association and other sources to find that during one 30 minute workout, boxing has the ability to burn more calories than almost any other form of exercise. Within 30 minutes, boxing was said to burn almost 500 calories,which is 50 calories more than a 30 minute run.

Surprisingly, canoeing came in at second place with a calorie burning potential of 450 per half hour. The study however acknowledged that boxing and canoeing are not necessarily accessible to all and in that case, a 30 minute run will help you to burn 430 calories – the equivalent of three cans of coke or two small packets of McDonald’s fries.

If you’re not really interested in exercise at all, the statistics showed that an hour of mowing the lawn or 100 minutes of intense vacuming could burn the same amount of calories as a 30 minute run. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, depending on how you look at it) it takes 3 hours of sex to burn the same amount of calories you would burn during a run.

The moral of the story? If you’re seriously short on time and aiming to maximise your calorie burning potential buying a canoe (anyone?) or investing in some boxing gloves could be exactly what you need. Or you could just have a lot of hours of sex, but you didn’t hear it here, folks.

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