Expert Shopping Hack: Knowing Your Boob Shape Will Make Bra Shopping A Breeze

Now I don’t want to sound dramatic, but next to childbirth bra shopping is possibly one of the most traumatic experiences of any woman’s life.

While getting fitted is ridiculously useful to us all in our quest for the perfect bra, having a stranger fondle your personal areas is never a great start to a shopping experience. Throw into the mix crowds, the limited range of available sizes, unflattering fluorescent lighting and the impossible task of finding a bra that is actually comfortable, and you practically have the perfect recipe for a mental breakdown.

Thankfully, the good people at lingerie company ThirdLove have devised the most incredible solution that will make bra shopping a breeze – knowing your boob shape.

While being fitted is useful for understanding what size you are, knowing the shape of your breasts will help you to better understand which bra will be the most comfortable fit for your body.

Can we please take a moment to stop and bow before all of the round-breasted ladies. Round boobs are characterised as those that are equally full at both the top and bottom and are pretty much the holy-grail of the boob world. If you have round boobs go for plunge bras that show off your naturally impressive shape.

While it may sound a bit odd, most women tend to have two different sized breasts and this can make choosing a bra fairly tricky. If this is you it’s best to choose a bra that fits the biggest boob, then use a pad to fill out the cup of the smaller sister.

Side set
If the space between your boobs is more than three fingers wide, you have side set boobs. Side setters require a bit of extra support, so choose a style that will draw your boobs closer together.

Bell-shaped boobs are an unfortunate victim of gravity and are generally slimmer at the top, while being full at the bottom. If this is you, an underwire bra will be your best friend and will help your bust appear fuller and rounder.

If you have small boobs this is you. While you probably prefer to just go braless half the time, a good push up bra can be useful in helping to add a bit of fullness up top if you’re want to flaunt it a bit.

East-west boobs are fairly common and are characterised by outward facing nipples. If this is you, opt for styles that are molded and rigid with supportive side panels that push your boobs towards the centre.

If you feel like you are constantly fighting against gravity and trying to lift your breasts, you probably have teardrops. This breast shape is particularly common among women who have recently stopped breastfeeding or are facing hormonal changes. The best bra for you will always be something that has added support and has angled cups that fight gravity and create lift.

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