Experts Have Discovered A New Way To Fix Your Water-Damaged Phone

We’ve all been there – the horrifying moment when you drop your brand new smartphone in a puddle, the bath, the pool, the ocean, your morning coffee. Okay that last one may just be me. Many of us have learned the hard way that basically, any large body of liquid and our phones are not friends.

But never fear, because the very smart people at phone company Gazelle, have just announced the best way to repair your water-damaged phone. Turns out the good old kitty litter is the greatest thing in the world for drying up your damp phone.

Apparently, most effective of all is crystal kitty litter as it absorbs more liquid. While no method is guaranteed to bring your phone back to life, shaking as much water out of your phone as possible before putting it in kitty litter will increase chances of survival. Once you have removed excess water, place your phone in a bowl of kitty litter and leave for as long as possible – three days ideally.

Also, a final note. It may be best to keep the bowl of kitty litter out of reach of your beloved kitty cat, otherwise you may have  bit more to deal with than water damage. *shudders* Good luck ladies!

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