Experts Say That This Common Mealtime Habit Could Be The Reason You’re Struggling To Lose Weight

With summer just around the corner, it seems like everybody is suddenly on a diet… some more effective than others. If you need some extra help to shed those pounds, you may be interested to know that a new study has found that the plates and cutlery that you use during meals could be the reason you are struggling to lose weight. That’s right, eating off a large plate is not great for your diet.

The study that was conducted by the University of Cambridge, reviewed results from 61 studies and 6,700 participants and found that people almost always consumed more calories in the form of food and drink when they were offered bigger portion sizes. In fact, the study found that eating off a larger plate and using larger utensils led people to consume an average of 527 extra calories per day in the US and 279 extra calories per day in the UK.


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“Our findings highlight the important role of environmental influences on food consumption,” said co-lead author Dr. Gareth Hollands. “Helping people to avoid ‘over-serving’ themselves or others with larger portions of food or drink by reducing their size, availability and appeal in shops, restaurants and in the home, is likely to be a good way of helping lots of people to reduce their risk of overeating.”

Overall, the researchers found that making small changes such as changing the type of glasses, cutlery, and tableware used for serving, is the best way to reduce the likelihood of  over-consumption and ensure that you are not consuming more calories than you need.

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