Experts Say That These Common Habits Could Be The Reason You Are Having Relationship Issues

Relationships are good and if done right, they can even be amazing. But what do you do when things aren’t going too well? How do you get past a rough patch in your relationship?

According to life coach and relationship expert Dr. Dain Heer, when things are going badly, there are a number of habits that are to blame for the issues that many couples face.

“There are several habits that we often fall into in our relationships that can ruin it and keep us from having the joyful, generative and creative connection with our partner that is possible,”  Dr. Heer wrote on Sporte Luxe. “The good news is, you can change it. You always have a choice, which means you can always choose something different.”


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Giving up things you love

According to Dr. Heer, problems often arise in relationships when either partner is giving up things that they love because their significant other doesn’t love these things as much. While you may feel as though you need to give up things for your partner, Dr. Heer says that it’s important to maintain your own hobbies and interests. Whether you love running, dancing or cafe hopping, Dr. Heer says that when each partner is happy, the relationship will also be happy.