Experts Say That This Is How To Live A Happier Life Every Single Day

What does happiness mean to you? While happiness may look different depending on who you are and what you love in life, one thing that we all have in common is a desire to be happy. While we all want to be happy, it’s a topic that is often overlooked, with there being eight times more scientific research devoted to depression than there is devoted to happiness.

On a mission to find out what really makes people happy, Vegas Extreme Skydiving created a ‘happiness matrix’, outlining 37 simple things that we can all do every day to help us to lead happier lives – an no, it does not actually require you to go skydiving! Looking to science for real and attainable answers, the team behind the happiness matrix discovered that happiness tends to come from two main things – love and mindfulness. “It is far too easy in today’s climate to be swept along by competing pressures to be selfish, to rush, and to neglect ourselves, our environment and those around us,” Vegas Extreme Skydiving wrote on their blog.

“Our ‘happiness matrix’ can be broken down into manageable categories – relationships, work, leisure, mind, body – and within each of these spheres there are tweaks to make that will have more or less effect on different individuals. For example, paying more attention to the people in your life can improve everybody’s experience and mood, whether it’s ensuring that you take at least one meal a day in company, or switching off Facebook and making the effort to meet in person,” they explained.


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“A healthy outlook and regular exercise can be the first things to go when our happiness falters, so applying deliberate attention to these areas can be essential in maintaining our inner well-being,” they noted. “While the occasional treat (a sofa day, a dessert) can provide passing pleasure, a lifestyle of healthy eating and physical activity can help produce happiness-inducing chemicals, as well as seeing off the aches, pains and complaints that can gnaw away at our moods.”

Check out the infographic below for a full rundown on how to live your happiest life.


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