Experts Say That This Test Can Predict Whether Your Relationship Will Last Or Not

When it comes to relationships, you don’t have to look far to find somebody who is more than willing to give their opinion on your relationship. In fact we probably all know somebody who has been in the awkward situation of having a friend or family member tell them that they don’t think their relationship will last.

While those close to the couple may be able to make an educated guess as to whether the relationship is likely to last or not,  psychotherapist and couples counselor Dr. Deborah Sandella has developed a test that she says is very useful in predicting the success of a relationship. According to Sandella, the test is based around the idea of emotional intelligence (EQ) – a quality that is said to influence the success of a relationship more than almost anything else.


“We are starting to discover that EQ is more important than IQ,” Sandella told My Domaine. “It’s a different kind of intelligence; IQ is factually oriented while EQ is sensing oriented.”


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