Experts Say That This Common Skincare Step Is Making Your Skin Break Out

There’s nothing worse than breaking out all the time and not knowing why. If you’re drinking plenty of water, eating well and following a good skincare routine, you may be left wondering why the heck your skin isn’t #flawless.

According to Women’s Health, your nightly skincare routine could actually be the reason that your skin keeps breaking out. More specifically, if your skin is already oily then your hydrating night cream could very well be the reason your skincare routine does not seem to be working.


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“You should only use products that serve a purpose,” says dermatologist Dr. Neal Schultz. In other words, if your skin is already super hydrated, you should not be using products that provide unnecessary hydration.

Instead, Schultz recommends using glycolic acid wipes to rid your skin of excess oil, followed by an antioxidant serum to “brighten and soothe” the skin. Throw away your night cream, it’s time to listen to your skin!

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