Experts Say This Could Be The Surprising Reason You’re Not Reaching Your Weight Loss Goals

When it comes to staying in shape, we all know what it’s like to let things slip a bit. Whether it’s skipping the gym a few too many times, or not paying close enough attention to what we are eating, we’ve all been there.

If you haven’t been putting in the hard yards then it’s easy to accept the fact that your results probably won’t be so great. However if you’ve been busting your butt and doing everything right, but you’re still not seeing the results you had hoped for, well that’s just plain annoying.

In a recent interview with Women’s Health, fitness expert Tyler Spraul talked about weight loss and revealed one very common reason women sometimes don’t see the weight loss results they had hoped for.  According to Spraul, working too hard at the gym could actually be getting in the way of your results.

“It may be hard to believe, but your intense workouts may be holding you back,” he says. If you are forcing your body to do too much then your body may not be able to keep up and your workouts may become fruitless.

As experts have noted, working out too often can cause a plateau in you weight loss because your body is designed to protect itself from too much pound shedding. If you are working out every single day, chances are your body will begin to go into full fat storing mode. Additionally, working out too much will not allow your muscles to recover and grow, can lead to fatigue and may even put you at higher risk of getting sick.

If you think you may be guilty of over-exercising, Spraul recommends taking things easy for a week and instead of continuing with your high intensity workouts, try yoga, swimming or walking for a week. After this time you can resume your more intense workouts, however make sure you continue to include a couple of rest days or active recovery days in your routine.