Experts Share The #1 Reason Your Booty Workouts Are Not Paying Off

It feels like all I am writing about these days is how to get a great butt. From squats, to resistance bands, to weird butt toning protein formulas, it is pretty clear that booty is back and women are going to great lengths to ensure that their butt is Kardashian-worthy.

If you’ve joined the tribe of booty and are on a mission to tone and lift your behind, I may have some bad news for you. According to fitness expert and trainer Abby Bales, no matter how many squats you do, if you are sitting on your butt all day you could be cancelling out the impact of your grueling booty workouts.

“’Office’ ass is a colloquial term for a culmination of several things,” Bales said in an interview with Women’s Health. Apparently, when a person sits on our chairs all day they are more likely to “have a difficult time actively engaging their glutes to both strengthen and shape them.”


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Overall if you are not standing up regularly and walking around, your butt is likely to be less perky – no matter how many booty toning exercises you are doing. “The more you sit, the more you have the chance of developing a flatter booty,” Bales says.

If you’re serious about getting a great booty then Bales says that your secret weapon is standing up more than you sit. “Standing instead of sitting increases your hip extension, and walking around improves your hip extension and flexion,” she says. In turn, better hip extension makes it easier for you to activate your glutes throughout the day and when you’re working out.

You heard the lady, stand up and move around. Your booty will thank you for it.

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