Movie Review: Bridget Jones’s Baby

Going to see Bridget Jones’s Baby is much like catching up with an old friend – you don’t quite know what to expect, but you have a sneaking suspicion that things are going to get wild. Wild in a good, one-too-many-wines kind of way, of course.

As a rule of thumb I generally don’t waste time watching sequels because they often end up being well… very crap (yes Grease 2, I am looking at you). However as the third film in the chick-flick franchise, Bridget Jones’s Baby is a welcome exception to my rule.

While we haven’t seen Bridget since Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason that hit our screens all the way back when we were all wearing flared jeans in 2004, fans will be relieved to know the old girl is basically the same as she was when we left her.

While it takes a few minutes to adjust the the few extra wrinkles on Bridget’s face ( Renée Zellweger) and of course the iPhone in her hand, the story basically sets off where we ended last time.

Now working as a big-shot television producer, Bridget has kicked the cigarettes, toned down the drinking (slightly), and has finally reached her goal weight. While she finally seems to have things together, she is still very much Bridget – singleton and all around fantastic really.

At the opening of the film Bridget is celebrating her 43rd birthday and after being ditched by the old gang, who are now all married with children, in true Ms. Jones style, Bridget finds herself rip-roaring drunk, in her PJS and singing to herself at home.

With Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) now married to another successful lawyer and Daniel Cleaver (previously Hugh Grant) suspected dead in a strangely comical plane accident, Bridget decides to start afresh, agreeing to attend a weekend music festival with her younger work mate (Sarah Solemani).


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Drinking too much and unwittingly blanking Ed Sheeran along the way, Bridget soon comes face-to-face with a brand new dreamboat (Patrick Dempsey) and things get hot and heavy in his luxurious yurt.

A few weeks later Bridget also has a fling with Mark Darcy, after running into him at a christening. Soon discovering that she is pregnant, Bridget sets out on a roller coaster journey of morning sickness, love triangles, and trying to figure out which of the two hotties is in fact her baby daddy.

While the first two films in the franchise are largely about the power of love and self acceptance, the newest offering from Bridget Jones is noticeably more developed – perhaps more emotionally mature even.

While the take-away life lessons are deeper, the tears are likely to stream a little faster, and fans are likely to leave the cinema with a bit more than a ‘feel good’ warm fuzzy feeling, the script (written by Helen Fielding, Dan Mazer and Emma Thompson) remains razor sharp, with the audience in fits of laughter throughout.

Undoubtedly the best thing about Bridget Jones’s Baby is the realisation of just how far Bridget has come since she first hit out screens back in 2001. As with any old friend who you love dearly, witnessing her journey towards happiness and fulfillment – and of course laughing at all of the hilarious incidents along the way – is something special and a ride not to be missed.

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