This $8 Item Is Officially One Of The Biggest Fashion Trends Of The Season

Any fashion girl will tell you that looking good sometimes comes at a cost. You may feel like a million bucks in those $400 pants, but after a while keeping up with new fashion trends can get pretty pricey. To the delight of bargain hunting fashion girls everywhere, one of the biggest trends of the season will only set you back about $8. Enter the humble fishnet tight.

Fishnet tights are quickly becoming one of the biggest fashion trends of the season, largely thanks to the Jenner sisters. A few months back Kylie Jenner debuted her love for fishnets with a series of Instagram photos of her wearing fishnets under jeans and later, with nothing else at all.


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This year is just the year of ..

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Since then Kylie has been spotted taking the trend to new levels, with a swimsuit inspired by the trend and a long sleeve fishnet top.

new year who dis

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lil babies

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Sister Kendall has also been sporting the style, posting pictures on Instagram of her wearing fishnet socks with sneakers and knee-high fishnet tights by themselves.

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As with anything the now iconic sisters do, the trend has quickly made its way into popular culture, with the fishnet trend now cementing itself as one of the biggest street style trends of the season. Spotted on street style stars around the globe, fishnets have popped up at recent fashion weeks and are well are truly proving to be a favourite among bloggers and fashion girls everywhere.

Black & Denim

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Happy Valentine’s Day ?

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