Fleur’s New Man Just Wished Her Happy Birthday In The Most ADORABLE Way

I love Fleur, you love Fleur, we all love Fleur – and last week we all pretty much cried of joy when the season two winner of The Bachelor announced that she finally has a new man in her life.

Now many months since her relationship with Jordan sadly ended, the blonde bombshell was finally spotted outside a Ponsonby Road cafe with  a new boyfriend, Richard Wood, and fans were delighted.

Now that their relationship is public, it seems that the couple are not holding back on adorable lovey dovey gestures and we LOVE it!

In celebration of Fleur’s birthday, Wood posted the cutest message ever on Facebook, in which he called Fleur “kind and compassionate” and the source of “so much laughter and so many smiles.”

Finishing the message, Wood hinted that the pair’s relationship is serious and it is clear that he is thinking long term.

“Looking forward to all the adventures to come…. soon!” he wrote.

Ummm, wedding bells?! We sure hope so. Too cute!

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