4 Small Things That Successful Women Do Every Single Day

What does it take to be successful? Contrary to popular belief success is not a personality type, but a series of small decisions that you have the ability to make every single day. No matter how you define success and what you are hoping to achieve this year, adopting a handful of good habits will really help you to get ahead in 2017.

1. Take responsibility for their finances

We are incredibly lucky to live in a society where gender stereotypes are (mainly) a thing of the past, however, data suggests that when it comes to money we are not as strong and independent as we like to think. A Fidelity study discovered that just 24 percent of women in heterosexual relationships were taking primary responsibility for day-to-day financial decisions. While this is up 15 percent from 2011, it is still pretty low. While many women opt out of being involved in financial decisions, understanding where your money is going is a key part of working towards your goals and ambitions.

2. Adopt good workday habits

The difference between very successful people and people who simply coast by is how they approach their workday. People who adopt good habits such as taking a lunch break every day and learning to prioritise tasks are not only more productive, but are generally less stressed and more satisfied in their jobs.

3. Keep their LinkedIn Profile up to date

You may think that LinkedIn doesn’t mean much but take a look at the profiles of any successful #GirlBoss and you will soon realise that keeping LinkedIn updated is extremely important. Not only is LinkedIn vital for keeping track of business contacts that could generate future leads, but it is also increasingly being used by recruiters to find fresh talent and background check job candidates. If you’re stuck for ideas on how to make your LinkedIn profile stand out, check out the profiles of key influencers like Michaela Alexis.

4. Follow other successful women

Successful women know that everything they achieve is built on the shoulders of those who came before them. Whether it’s your boss, a political figure, or a key business leader, keeping up with how other successful women live their lives is nothing short of inspirational. If a woman inspires you don’t be afraid to follow her on Twitter, read her blog, or track down any books she has written.

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