The Hardest Job Interview Questions You Will Ever Be Asked – And How To Answer Them Like A Boss

No matter if you have been working in your industry for 30 years or you are applying for your first job, chances are that you get slightly nervous before going to an interview for a role that you really want.  According to leadership advisor and author of Leader Designed: Become the Leader You Were Made to Be,  Dana White, the best way to ensure success is simply research, preparation and practice.

As an advisor to CEOs and U.S. senators, White says that reading people and preparing what you will say are two skills that will go a long way when it comes to scoring the job of your dreams. Here are a few of the questions that White says you need to be able to nail if you want to score the job of your dreams.

1. Would you rather be feared or respected?

According to White, nailing this question is extremely important because it shows a lot about your true character.  “Your character is what sets you apart,” White told My Domaine. “Lots of people have gone to great schools or have connections—perhaps even better than you. This is a chance to show what kind of colleague or employee you’re going to be. That’s what interviewers want to invest in.”

Hint: Most employers will respond better to an employee who would prefer to be respected, rather than feared. A desire to be respected demonstrates that you want to develop good relationships with coworkers and that you value open communication.


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