These Are The Highest Paying Jobs Of 2017

It’s always a little awkward to talk about how much money you make but the truth is that to survive, we all actually need some moolah. It’s true that money isn’t everything, but it is definitely interesting to know which industries are real cash cows and which are, well… not.

SEEK this week released stats about the highest paying jobs in Australia. While the data relates specifically to our neighbours across the ditch, our similar job market means that the data for New Zealand is very comparable.

Based on the data that SEEK has collected over the last 12 months, they were able to compile a list of the highest paying jobs of the year. While most people would assume that doctors and lawyers would take the top spots, the lesser known career choice of Architects within the IT sector came in at the top.

Here’s what the list looked like:

  • Architects within the IT sector: $137,707
  • Engineering management: $133,530
  • Mining management: $133,169
  • IT management: $129,903
  • General practitioners (doctors): $129,635

The only job on the list that isn’t as relevant to the New Zealand market is mining management, with mining being a far more booming industry across the ditch than it is in New Zealand.

The data also looked at industries that were high paying as a whole and came up with 15 industries where the money is pretty damn good. Surprisingly, accounting which is typically thought to be one of the highest paying industries came in at #14, beat out by marketing, construction and even banking.

  • Mining, resources and energy: $115,005
  • Consulting and strategy: $108,471
  • Construction: $106,693
  • Engineering: $103,247
  • Information and communication technology: $102,548
  • Legal: 92,684
  • Government and defence: $90,700
  • Healthcare and medical: $88,393
  • Banking and financial services: $88,005
  • Marketing and communications: $86,452
  • Science and technology: $85,452
  • Human resources and recruitment: $83,784
  • Accounting: $83,227
  • Insurance and superannuation: $81,446

So the moral of the story? If you want to make a lot of money you should probably brush up on your IT architect skills or if all else fails, hop across the ditch and get into mining.

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