11 Hottest Wedding Trends For 2016

Margarita bars, artichoke centrepieces and metallic bridesmaid dresses, these are just some of the things you will see popping up on Pinterest under ultimate wedding inspiration. In their wedding trend report for 2016, The Knot revealed the top trends of 2016 that will take wedding traditions to a whole new level.

Artichokes and Kale VS Roses and Peonies.
If you are looking for something truly unique, and tasty, to finish off your bouquet then look no further than the fruit and vegetable aisle at your local supermarket.  These untraditional elements are set to make their way into bouquets, at least this is one easy solution for a hungry bride! The Knot suggested you pick one favorite fruit or vegetable, like berries, and include them in bouquets, centerpieces and any installations for a cohesive take on the trend. Maybe include it on the menu for a real inclusive theme.


Two-in-One Dresses
You know the brides, the ones that have a wedding dress AND a reception dress. Of course, we all wish we had the budget to do so,  who does not want to yell costume change in the middle of the wedding and appear a whole new bride. Well, this has finally become an easier, cheaper, option. Picture a dramatic feather skirt overlay that gets removed after the ceremony to reveal a lace column gown you can hit the dance floor in. Two frocks in one, sounds like something we could get behind.


Fashion-Forward Florals
In other wedding dress news, floral is back in a big way. Making its way beyond bouquets and centrepieces, The Knot says floral is flooding the bridal runways with vibrant, floral-printed dresses and traditional dresses with 3-D floral appliques. If this thought sets you into a spin, why not try a blooming flower crown.


Specialty Bars
Huge fan of tequila? Need a whisky to give you dancing feet? Your wedding definitely needs a specialty bar, and thankfully you need no excuses because it is now a hot trend! Think a Margerita bar with specialised cocktails named after you and your partner! There is no limit to your creativity.


Late-Night Karaoke
There is always one person who says they hate karaoke, and they are always the one person hogging the mic! Serenade your special someone with a love ballad or take your wedding to a whole new level and get a loved one to sing your first dance song. Watching your Nana belt out her favorite ’70s hits is set to be priceless.


Sweet Endings
From the wedding cake, to dessert tables. There is no stopping sweet treats at a wedding. Now, in addition to the classics it is all about passed treats, especially of the frozen variety and doughnut walls.


Personalise, personalise, personalise.
The Knot believes the new wedding tells a couple’s story, meaning a complete customization of details that goes well beyond monogrammed cocktail napkins. Think ordained family members officiating the ceremony, dishes from your favourite menu and original themes, Pride and Prejudice wedding?


3-D Weddings
3-D printers are giving a whole new meaning to personalised weddings. The option to print whatever you want is unleashing brides and grooms creativity. From 3-D printed cake toppers that look like the bride and groom, to jewelry for the bride and groomsmen to give a one-of-a-kind wedding day look.


Stylish Grooms
You have heard of the second dress — now guys want a unique reception look too. According to the Knot some grooms are even gathering their groomsmen for a bit of TLC leading up to the wedding, think male spa days with wedding prep treatments like teeth whitening, “handshake maintenance” (a.k.a man manicures) and regular beard trims.  Guys also have even more style options than ever before, from custom suits with embroidered monograms, velvet loafers and personalized cuff links. Who said it was just the women who had wedding dreams.


Hometown Heroes
According to The Knot, the new wedding menu will mimic the offerings at your local farm-to-table restaurant. We are pretty lucky with our meat offerings in New Zealand,  oysters and fresh Salmon for a wedding by the beach, or New Zealand lamb for farm weddings. What ever you do, source locally and and make it the cornerstone of the menu.


Metallic Palettes
It’s all about shimmer and shine this year. Think golden tones, sequins and luster. Adding an extra special element to your wedding is easy, add a metallic to the color palette for a hint of glitz or make a statement with rose gold sequin bridesmaid dresses, gilded greenery, foil invites or a sparkle dusted cake. Match with a jewel tone to really make a statement.


So many options for making your wedding day special.