How To Get Free Holiday Accommodation Around The World

There are two types of people in this world – those who can afford to stay in fancy resorts, and those who can barely scrape enough pennies together to stay in a scummy backpackers hostel (…please, no rats).

While you may be low on funds or simply just trying to save money for margaritas at your holiday destination of choice, no matter what your budget, it is actually possible to find somewhere nice to stay for very, very cheap – and by cheap I mean totally and completely free. Hello!

Yes this is real life and yes this free accommodation is available to you. While scoring free accommodation may take a bit more organising than your average hotel, the savings will make it well worth the effort.

Sit back, relax and get ready for your crash course in scoring free accommodation around the world.


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1. House swapping

Got a house and want to take a holiday in somebody else’s home? House swapping could be perfect for you. With websites like Home Exchange offering a comprehensive house swapping service, all you need to do is register your home, decide where you want to go and tee up an exchange with somebody in your preferred destination. Best of all it’s free and if you’re lucky, your exchange buddy might even water your plants for you while you’re away!