The Absolute Best Way To Extract Blackheads, According To A Dermatologist

In case you haven’t realised, the internet is kind of obsessed with blackhead extraction right now. For the sake of your stomach, I won’t embed a blackheads extraction video here, but if you are curious to see what all the chit chat is about, I would recommend watching this one here *shudders*. Super gross, but oddly satisfying.

Popular extraction videos often advocate for using blackhead tweezers, and other effective products such as blackhead extraction face masks have recently flooded the market. However Allure recently spoke to dermatologist Jason Emer who revealed some very interesting information that goes against everything you probably thought you knew.

Apparently, it could be time to ditch any product that basically rips your blackheads out and instead opt for gentle facial cleansers that exfoliate the skin. Using a cleanser that contains “papaya, pumpkin, or [is] charcoal-based” is the best way to go. Additionally, using a gentle face mask a few times a week will also help to reduce the visible appearance of blackheads over time.

What’s even more interesting is that according to  Emer, it is not actually necessary to remove your blackheads at all. Our skin produces a  natural substance called sebum and when it forms around our hair follicles, it gives the skin a dark appearance – forming what we refer to as ‘blackheads’.

While they may look a bit gross, in reality a blackhead is not actually harmful and there is no medical reason to worry about them. As Emer explains, “sebaceous filaments are nothing to worry about at all, except for cosmetic purposes.”

So while the very word ‘blackhead’ may still send shudders down your spine, you can rest easy knowing that those little black bumps on your nose are actually no big deal and in fact, they may be a sign that your skin is operating as it should.

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