How To: Find The Best Bikini For Your Body Shape

In just a matter of weeks we will all be on holiday and we all know what that means – bikini season, hello. Unless you have a body like Gigi Hadid, chances are you basically hate bikini shopping because really, it’s a pretty horrific experience that is only really matched by shopping for jeans. *shudders*

The good news is that like anything else, finding the right bikini is all about knowing your body shape. Paying attention to a few simple guidelines will not only make your life about a billion times easier, but it will also help you to look and feel super fly this summer. Added bonus – if you buy the right bikini for your body shape the chances of your boob falling out when you get hit by waves decreases significantly. Hooray!  Take notes, ladies.


If you have an hourglass figure, congrats girl, you basically win at life. With your Beyoncé curves you are basically going to look fire no matter what the hell you wear, however a retro one piece with some serious waist detail is going to put emphasis on your tiny waist and basically make you look like the High-waisted bottoms are also good for you as they will also show off killer curves and teeny waist.


Shout out to all the petite girls out there! Look for a swimsuit that lengthens your torso and legs for ultimate bikini body hotness. Bottoms that sit low around your bum will help to give the illusion of a longer torso, while having high cut bottoms that show off a bit  more below will help your legs to look long as can be.

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Got a body that is straight up and down? Good news, now is your time to go crazy with the details. Opt for a bikini with frills, cutouts and loud patterns to help highlight a bit of curvy action. Basically athletic girls are blessed to the max because you get to wear the fun styles that may not look quite as good on other girls.

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Pear shaped

Got a big booty? Yeah me too, holla! Separates are going to be your best friend because you’re likley to be different sizes on the top and bottom. For your bottoms, look for a style with tie-up sides as this will allow maximum space for your peachy behind. For your boobs, go for something patterned or frilly to help give the illusion of a bit of fullness up top and balance your killer body out a little bit.

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Apple shaped

A little bigger up top? An underwire bikini with maximum support is going to be your best friend. Like our pear shaped sisters, experiment with separates to help make sure you get a top that really supports your assets. If you’re a little tummy shy, opt for a retro inspired high waisted bottom as these will hide the bits you are maybe a little less keen to show, all while helping to make sure that your waist gets a bit of show and you look damn good all summer long.

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