This Is How To Fit 100 Items Into Your Carry-On Luggage

Any smart traveller knows that the best way to save money when booking flights is to opt for a carry-on only option. While this may seem like a bloody fantastic idea at the time, when it comes to actually packing for a weekend away… whole different story.

Because no woman should ever be forced to choose between taking the black pumps and the nude pumps, former Bond Girl and frequent traveller Rachel Grant teamed up with Biaggi Luggage to prove once and for all that it is in fact possible for even the most stylish gal to travel with only hand luggage. In fact, Grant even managed to fit 100 items in her small suitcase!


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Here’s how she did it:

  1. Use ziplock bags to compress clothing.
  2. Always roll clothing.
  3. Segment cosmetics and liquids into ziplock bags, then store in a larger bag for easy access.
  4. Store socks inside shoes to maximise luggage space and help shoes keep their shape in transit.
  5. Pair sandals with rubber bands to keep them compressed.
  6. Organise packing cubes by according to the shape and weight of clothing.
  7. Put heavier items at the bottom of the bag and keep liquids or fragile accessories at the top.

Mind. Blown.

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