These iPhone 8 Rumours Are Making Us Want It So Bad

Okay, I know it’s only been about three seconds since the iPhone 7 was released, but seriously tech people have no chill because industry insiders and smart phone experts are already going to town with their iPhone 8 predictions.

While everything at this stage is just rumours, previous rumours have generally been strangely accurate and we all know that some dudes on the internet called the demise of the headphone jack way before it actually happened.

Last week  The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple is already testing 10 different prototypes for the next iPhone, which could be released as early as next year. Of course this has sent the entire population of the internet into a frenzy and industry insiders are officially beginning to make their initial predictions around what the iPhone 8 may be like.

Wireless Charging

Please, please let this one be true. According to Thrillist, a number of sources including Bloomberg, have reported that Apple have been testing wireless charging technology and insiders expect that this feature may pop up on the iPhone 8. Experts have even suggested that you may soon be able to charge your phone from a distance – maybe even across the room.

Home button

Sources have reported that Apple is likely to get rid on the home button in an effort to make the screen bigger and allow the screen to extend the full way down. In place of the traditional home button, it is likely that a virtual home button will be placed on the screen.

Screen curve

Thrillist reports that the iPhone 8 is likely to have a bent screen that will allow images to ‘pop’ better than ever before. “The overwhelming majority of iPhone 8 speculators believe it will feature a massive redesign. Most notably, the screen will be “bent” on either side, much like those on the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge or Note7 (RIP),” Thrillist reports. “In addition to a bent screen that stretches the full width and length of the device, the next iPhone will feature a much higher-quality display.”

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