Avoid These Common Mistakes If You Want To Land Your Dream Job In 2017

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to find a new job or make a career change, it’s likely that right about now you are going through the process of applying for jobs. Whether you consider yourself to be a seasoned job seeking and job interview expert, or perhaps the very thought of an interview gets your palms sweaty and makes you feel sick, there is no denying that nailing the application process is hella important.

Want to nail your application process and score the job of your dreams? Avoid these common mistakes and say hello to an exciting new job in 2017.

Forgetting about your voicemail

Okay, I know that recording a voicemail message is hella awkward and it’s all too easy to record an awkward whisper and then move on, but if you are hunting for a job then first impressions most definitely count. You may think having a Beyoncé song as your voicemail is funny or that your fake alien voice is beyond hilarious, but your future employer may not feel quite the same way. Make sure that your voicemail is professional, concise and that it is clear who is speaking. Giving an alternative phone number in the message could also be a good idea if you really want to be on hand for a call at all times.

Neglecting your social media

There is no point going into an interview claiming that you are a quiet, hardworking and mature woman if your Instagram account is covered with photos of you playing beer bong and downing shots every week. It’s often said but I will say it again – what you put on social media counts and a picture really does say a thousand words. Make sure you double-check your tweets and Facebook status’ also to make sure that there is nothing questionable lurking back in 2009, ready to destroy your reputation and your career prospects.

Lying to your current boss

Being honest doesn’t mean that you need to tell your boss every time you have to duck out for an interview at another company, but it does mean that you should leave the lies at the door. If you have to leave work during the day to attend an interview it’s best to simply tell your boss you have an appointment and if you are asked further questions, it is acceptable to simply say that it is a private matter that you don’t want to discuss. There is no need to make up elaborate stories about having to take your dog to the vet or  your kids being sick – try to be as honest as you can. After all, your boss will eventually find out that you have found another job and when that happens, you don’t want to be seen as somebody who lied their way into a new job.

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