Kim Kardashian’s Makeup Artist Just Revealed The Most Genius Concealer Hack

Whether you’re into the Kardashian’s or not, there is no denying that their makeup is super on point. Kimmy and the girls are basically the reason we are all so obsessed with contouring and strobing, so when their makeup artist speaks, we of course listen.

Kimmy K’s very own makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic recently took to Instagram to reveal the most genius concealer hack that we have ever heard and we are obsessed. So what is it?

Mario revealed that his simple trick for nailing Kim’s famously fierce eye all comes down to using concealer. Say whatttt? “To achieve a look like this on the eyes, I used a cream concealer in a darker shade on the lids (as a shadow) followed by the eye gloss,” Mario explained.

You heard it here ladies, it’s time to ditch your eye shadow and experiment with using a concealer in it’s place.

Thank you Mario, we are ready for our next beauty hack whenever you are.

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