Kiwi Icon Hollie Smith Releases A New Single In Support Of Anti Domestic Violence Campaign

In support of the 2016 White Ribbon campaign, Kiwi songstress Hollie Smith has just released a brand news single entitled ‘Please’. The song that was specifically written in support of the campaign is intended to offer hope and support to those who are facing domestic violence situations.

“I hope that the lyrics help to inspire, encourage strength, and provide support for those people who are in situations they feel are beyond their control, whether that’s the victim of violence or the person who knows no other alternative,” smith says.

A passionate advocate for anti domestic violence causes, Smith hopes that her song will help to raise awareness around the very real issues that happen in New Zealand every day.

“I am humbled to be involved in this year’s White Ribbon campaign and hope that the song and imagery we have created can in some small way, contribute and raise awareness to an issue that New Zealand urgently needs to address and prioritise,” Smith says.

Smith releases the meaningful song on the back of her latest album Water Or Gold, touring Australasia and nominations for Album Of The Year and Best Female Solo Artist at this Novembers VNZMA’s.

White Ribbon Day is an annual event and this year will be happening on Friday 25th November. Following the success of the 2015 campaign, the focus of the 2016 November campaign is ‘Respectful Relationships’.

“Most men treat women with respect,” says White Ribbon Ambassador Mark Longley. “But the biggest cause of violence is the belief that men have more rights and power than women. This campaign asks men to challenge those ideas and treat women how they would like to be treated, and let go of the feeling that we have to be in charge.”

The campaign also focuses on ‘male behaviour during conflict’ and demonstrates that communicating is key to a good relationship. “Conflict happens, but dealing with it respectfully makes all the difference,” Longley says.

Click here to watch ‘Please’ on YouTube.

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