The New Kiwi Lingerie Brand That You Need To Know About

New Zealand fashion has come a long way over the past 30 years. Once a small, painfully slow industry, the past few decades have seen the local fashion industry explode with growth and many talented new designers emerge.

With New Zealand Fashion Week taking the nation by storm last week for its fifteenth fabulous year, we took a few moments to scope out some of the best upcoming local fashion brands to gain some insight into where our small, but vibrant fashion industry is headed.

The brain child of fashion guru Melissa Reilly, LoneDaisy is a New Zealand-based, handmade lingerie brand. Founded only months ago at the beginning of 2016, LoneDaisy is already taking the local fashion scene by storm, with the brand offering affordable, yet very beautiful handmade lingerie. We took a few moments to catch up with Reilly to find out more about this up-and-coming local brand.

What inspired you to start LoneDaisy?

“After completing my fashion degree at UCOL in Whanganui I wanted to branch out from mainstream ready to wear clothing and enter what I consider to be an under-developed market, so I thought I would do lingerie. I want to create a new identity for lingerie, I feel like previously it has had a reputation for being very sexual, cheap or tacky!  I design to make women feel beautiful, feminine and flirtatious. I like to focus on the details; silhouette, lace, fabrics, colour and most of all quality. I want to eventually have a variety of pieces that will suit all shapes and sizes, its all about making yourself feel pretty; any outfit feels great when you know your wearing amazing underwear!”

Do you have any plans to expand your range in the near future?

“Yes! We currently have one style available, this has been popular so it’s given the green light for expansion.  I am planning on releasing an 8 piece lingerie collection in November which will include bralettes and matching sets in spring/summer colours. This will also be complimented with a range of sleepwear consisting of unique fabrics and prints designed by myself.”

What are LoneDaisy garments made from and who makes them?

“My lingerie items are made from lace and the sleepwear will be made from all natural fibres such as silk and cotton. I design and make all my samples from home before sending them to my manufacturing team.”

What does New Zealand fashion mean to you?

“Originality. [New Zealand fashion is] down to earth and inspiring.  I think it’s especially important to support local brands.”

Aside from making beautiful lingerie, what else do you do with your time?

“I look after my gorgeous 2-year-old daughter. We do all sorts of activities together including swimming and music groups. She keeps me very busy so I mainly focus on LoneDaisy when Miller goes to bed.”

How can our readers buy your products?

“Online at We are also on Instagram and Facebook for keeping up with news and product launches.”

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