Kourtney Kardashian Shares Her Top Tips For Cutting Sugar From Your Diet

We all know that sugar is bad for us and most of us know that now more than ever, health professionals are urging us to cut down on our intake of sugar. Not only does refined sugar mess with your liver, your metabolism and increase your risk of heart and kidney disease, but it is contributing to the obesity epidemic in a big way.

Studies have found that the average American consumes a whopping 32 teaspoons of sugar every day (126 grams), a huge increase when compared with humans who lived in the 1700s, who are thought to have consumed just 1.8 kilograms of (mostly natural) sugar per year, compared to our near 45 kilograms (of mostly processed) per year. What’s even worse it that medical professionals suspect that our bodies are actually only designed to handle about six teaspoons of sugar per day and any more is simply doing damage.

Well known for her commitment to her healthy lifestyle, Kourtney Kardashian recently took to her website to talk about sugar addiction and the importance of avoiding refined sugar as much as possible. “I always try to avoid sugar–especially refined sugar–for so many reasons,” she wrote. “First, sugar is addictive and I notice that after I eat it, I need it. Sugar doesn’t sustain you when you actually need energy, like for a workout.” KK then went on to share her top tips for avoiding unnecessary sugar in your diet.

Decrease your alcohol intake

Okay, this one is not good news but a good point to take note of. “Cocktails are often mixed with juice or soda–not only high in calories, but sugar too,” Kourtney wrote. “Aside from drinking too much, the sugar content in drinks is often what accounts for bad hangovers. I do drink, I go for either tequila on the rocks, beer or wine. If you’re cutting down on sugar, it’s good to know that rose wine usually has less sugar than red or white.”

Drink mainly water

When the weather is hot, it’s tempting to reach for a fizzy drink or even a cold bottle of juice, but even ‘healthy’ sweet drinks often contain a whole lot of hidden sugar. “I don’t drink soda–ever! I drink a ton of water during the day and I also drink a glass of water mixed with 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar twice a day (in the morning and at night),” Kourtney explained. To avoid excess sugar, stick to water as much as you can and try adding a squeeze of lemon to your water to make things more exciting.

Make your own salad dressing

A lot of people don’t realise that there are many foods in your fridge that contain added sugar . Just because it doesn’t taste sweet, doesn’t mean that it is sugar-free! Kourtney explained that for her, salad dressing was a big source of sugar and because of this she decided to start making her own. “Store-bought salad dressing can be secretly full of sugar. I learned to make my own dressing (which is so easy!) and have a handful of salads that I make regularly that I actually love. If you have a really good homemade salad dressing recipe, you’ll start to crave salads!”

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