Kylie Jenner has some amazing news that will have you crying with joy

Move over Sephora, Kylie Jenner has just announced that she is opening a makeup store in Los Angeles.

The reality star who is making a big name for herself in the beauty world with her incredible Kylie Jennner Lip Kit’s, recorded her visit to a possible retail store location on Snapchat a few days ago.

“Looking for Kylie Cosmetics stores right now . . . makeup store’s about to be lit!” Jenner announced to followers.

The main benefit of the store will be that it will make it about a billion times easier to get your hands on your favourite Lip Kit’s that are currently only available online in very limited numbers. Well, easier to get if you just so happen to be swinging by LA that is…

According to Popsugar the large size of the retail store may indicate that Jenner is looking to expand her beauty range to include the rumored brow, eye shadow and eyeliner products that have been all over the internet lately. 

With international big names like Topshop and H&M finally making their way to New Zealand, surely it’s only a matter of time before we receive our very own Kylie Cosmetics store.

Well, a girl can dream!

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