Kylie Jenner Went Out For Dinner Wearing $2300 Pyjamas

I don’t even know why I am bothering to get dressed in the morning anymore because it seems like the latest trend to hit the fashion world is basically just wearing anything that you wear to bed as actual clothes.

With Amal Clooney recently going to dinner with her in-laws wearing lingerie, the latest celeb to get in on the trend is Kylie Jenner who was spotted heading out to a Mexican restaurant wearing her PJs.

The reality star turned beauty guru stepped out rocking a pair of maroon striped PJs, the silk camisole top lined with black lace.

Craziest thing of all, the top alone is likely to be worth almost $2300!

To complete the look, Jenner wore an assortment of sparkly jewellery, notably a huge diamond ring that is rumored to be an engagement ring from her boyfriend Tyga.

Soooo apparently it’s okay to wear your PJs out, as long as they are expensive as heck.

I’m guessing my Kmart onesie won’t quite suffice?

Image credit: Daily Mail

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