Your Favourite Beauty Brand Now Makes Custom Foundation To Match Your Skin PERFECTLY

We all know what it’s like to get stuck with a shade of foundation that makes us look more Oompa Loompa than we would ideally like. For years, women have struggled to find their perfect foundation match, often forced to resort to something that is ‘close’ but not perfect.

The good news is that the beauty gods have finally answered our prayers and international beauty powerhouse, Lancôme are leading the charge in creating custom foundation shades that PERFECTLY match your skin. The product is called Le Teint Particular and it is redefining the way that women buy makeup.

So how does it actually work? “The Lancôme Beauty Advisor scans a client’s facial skin tone,” the website explains. “The data is processed with unprecedented accuracy. The formula is blended at the counter and her shade number is handwritten on the bottle for easy reference upon refill for the perfect, personalised foundation.”

The innovation is made possible by new technology that seems like something out of a space movie. Labelled as “the most sophisticated and unique service in cosmetics,” the technology is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. “To protect against oxidation and maintain color accuracy, the custom made technology is equipped with eight peristaltic heart pumps for an airtight blending and dispensing process. The innovative technology allows for customised coverage, finish and moisturising,” the website explains.

The biggest success of the technology is that it gives women who normally find it hard to get a shade match, the opportunity to have a product created especially for them. Undoubtedly this sort of technology will eventually become the norm, with generic shades set to one day become a thing of the past.

The service is not currently available in New Zealand, but fingers crossed it makes its way to our shores very soon.

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