Lewis Road Creamery has just launched their newest flavour of milk

You may recall the great Lewis Road Creamery frenzy of 2014. You know, that time you shoved the old lady out of the way in New World just to get the last bottle of chocolate milk? Yes, that’s the one.

Well get ready because your favourite supplier of dairy-related products has officially launched their newest flavour of milk – double caramel.

The milk that has been created in collaboration with Chelsea Winter has notes of deep golden caramel and delicious butterscotch.

Apparently Chelsea Winter is a big fan of her own creation, calling the milk “insanely good.”

“The double dose of caramel sees the deep roasted, golden caramel – with a hint of burnt sugar – combine beautifully with the sweet notes of silky butterscotch with its old-fashioned toffee flavours, to evoke warm feelings of nostalgia,” says Winter.

Ummm, so in foodie language I think that means it’s super tasty.

The new flavour hits stores on Wednesday 6 July.

Get ready ladies, because the frenzy is about to hit.

Introducing Double Caramel Milk created with @chelseawinter! Instore 6 July. Tag a friend to win! #CaramelLove

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