Liam Hemsworth Opens Up About The Grueling Diet He Went On For His Latest Film

Last year Aussie film The Dressmaker was released in Australia and New Zealand and women everywhere went into frenzy over how ridiculously good Liam Hemsworth looked in those shirtless scenes.  Apparently audiences in the southern hemisphere were so taken by Hemworth’s mid-section that it has been deemed good enough for American audiences and the film will finally be opening in the US this week.

In an interview with  E News! Hemsworth admitted that while he looked smoking hot in the film, he definitely worked very hard to get that body – to the point of basically starving himself.  “I didn’t eat for weeks,” Hemsworth told E! News.

Hemsworth also said that he focused a lot on working out, even resorting to doing a few pushups backstage. “I did some pushups in my trailer. Anytime you’re going to come out and take your top off, it’s good to do a couple of pushups…It’s very difficult to come out and just take your clothes off.”


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Co-star Kate Winslet said that Hemsworth was working so hard to slim down for the big scene that she even started to feel a bit sorry for him. “When I would get to the point where I had to measure his waist, I would actually hear his stomach growling,” she said. “I would think, ‘Poor darling. Let’s get the scene done.'”

Turns out that even Liam Hemsworth has to work super hard for that hot body!

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