Magnetic false eyelashes are now a thing and they are going to change your life

False eyelashes are simultaneously the greatest thing ever and also the worst invention of all time.

While they are super pretty and very good at making us all look like beautiful Bambi-like creatures, the stress of affixing the lashes to our faces and then actually keeping them in place is sometimes just too much to handle.

Thankfully, the good people at One Two Lashes have come up with a solution and it is probably one of the cleverest things I have ever seen.

Introducing magnetic false eyelashes – a set of lashes that use magnetic force to keep themselves firmly in place.

So, how does it work? The lashes have a small magnetic strip along the base and when one lash is positioned below your natural lash line and the other is positioned above, the set of false lashes magically locks together, ensuring that your falsies stay in place all day long.

The creator of the product describes the lashes as ‘lightweight’ and ‘time-saving’ however at $80 ($59 USD) per pair, the revolutionary falsies do come at a fairly steep cost.

Regardless, if these bad boys help me to avoid any more awkward your-false-eyelash-is-on-your-nose incidents, I would pay five times as much just to retain the small amount of social dignity that I have left.

Thank you magnetic science people for making our lives just that little bit easier.

I’m not perfect, but my MAGNETIC Lashes are | Loving this makeup pouch from @shopmisswithit! ?? #OneTwoLash

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Be bold. Be fierce. Be you. | #OneTwoLash CEO and Founder @katy.stoka in Bold Magnetic Lashes

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Hello, Lash Lovers! It’s time to meet Magnetic Lashes. No Glue, No Mess, All Glam #onetwolash

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