A Major Magazine Editor Reveals Her #1 Tip For Ultimate Career Success

Having been the ultimate #GirlBoss at the world’s largest fashion magazine for 15 years, editor-in-chief of Elle Magazine, Robbie Myers, knows a thing or two about career success. A major player within a publication that has 44 international editions and reaches 16 million women around the world, Myers is one of the biggest names in the publishing industry.

In an interview with Business Insider Australia, Myers talked career advice and business success. Having spent stints working for Rolling Stone, Interview, and Seventeen magazines, Myers revealed that her #1 career tip for women would be to simply not get too far ahead of yourself.

“You should not be trying to get the big job, you should be trying to get the next job,” Myers said. “You should be getting good at what you’re doing. If you spend years frustrated that your talents are not being put to good use, that’s kind of on you. You should figure out how to put them to good use in your current position.”

In the same interview, Myers also stressed the importance of building strong professional networks, because you never know when somebody you have met will help you to get into your next role. “Just get everyone’s phone number, because as you go through your life, you’ll think of a reason to call them up,” she adds.


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