Margot Robbie Looks Unrecognisable On The Set Of Her Latest Film

Just weeks ago our favourite Aussie girl Margot Robbie tied the knot in a super secret ceremony in Byron Bay. After a break over the Christmas and New Year Period where Margot was spotted looking adorable with her new hubby, the Suicide Squad actor is back on set and already filming for her latest project.

Starring in the new film, I, Tonya, Robbie plays Tonya Harding – a disgraced former American figure skater who faced some serious controversy in the media.

For the role Margot has undergone a serious transformation and thanks to the magic of Hollywood makeup, the stunning starlet looks unrecognizable. The 26-year-old was spotted this week on set of the film in Atlanta with frizzy hair, a distinctly ’80s outfit and wearing a fair amount of padding to make her look heavier than her usual slight frame.

I, Tonya is set to be released in 2018 and is a biopic that tells that story of Tonya Harding’s controversial career. Harding was a champion figure skater who had a fierce rivalry with Nancy Kerrigan. Letting her desire to win get the better of her, in 1994 Harding conspired alongside her husband to hire a hitman to break Nancy’s leg.

After the plot failed and Nancy still managed to beat Tonya in the Norway Olympics, Tonya’s husband and the hitman they had hired both served time in prison for their plot. Ironically, Nancy rose to the top regardless of their efforts, winning a silver medal in the Olympics while Tonya came in at 8th place.

Now that’s a movie we have to see.

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