Matilda Rice and Rugby Sevens Hotties Strip Down To Their Underwear for NZFW

The lights dim and a deafening cheer erupts from the crowd. A sea of women reach for their smartphones and twist their necks, desperate to catch the first glimpse of tonight’s stars. With an expert guitarist shredding it up just to the left of the catwalk and the crowd buzzing, you’d be forgiven for mistaking the scene as something straight out of a rock concert. I suppose people are bound to get excited when you put some of the New Zealand’s favourite sporting stars on the catwalk alongside local sweetheart and winner of season one of The Bachelor, Matilda Rice. Oh, and did I mention they were wearing nothing but their undies?

The toned and tanned crew that included smoking hot All Blacks Sevens Sam Dickson, Lote Raikabula, Regan Ware, DJ Forbes and Scott Curry, took to the catwalk last night as part of the Jockey section of the Resene Selection show at New Zealand Fashion Week. The Jockey show saw the celebrity brand ambassadors walk alongside professional models, showing off the latest collection of Jockey underwear that is available in stores this season.

When asked how they found the experience, both Matilda and the boys agreed that walking down the runway in nothing but your undies is definitely a daunting task. “[It was] scary, but kind of like, liberating as well,” Matilda told us backstage after the show, also mentioning that the most awkward part of the whole experience was making awkward eye contact with members of the audience.”Everyone’s staring at you so you’re kind of like, do I look at you?” laughed Matilda.

When it came to getting in shape for the show, Matilda attributed her smoking hot body to eating well. “Far less chocolate than I would usually have,” said Matilda. “I love chocolate, but I haven’t had any in like forever, which is a big deal!” As you may have guessed, chocolate was top of the list of things that she wants to eat more of now that the big show is over.

While Matilda cut out her favourite junk food to prep for the show, Sevens hottie Sam Dickson said that he was regretting not doing a bit more of the same. “I shouldn’t have eaten Maccas the last few days!” laughed Dickson. “I should have prepped for it.”

Sevens captain Scott Curry agreed with Dickson, saying that the free Maccas the boys were receiving as part of their Olympic sponsorship didn’t exactly help with their prep. “We’ve had a lot of time off so we haven’t had the best prep coming up to it,” Curry explained. “We’ve been making the most of the free Maccas… not the best prep!”

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Despite their lack of preparation, the response from the ladies in the crowd was nothing but positive, with hundreds of screaming women clearly excited to see their favourite sports stars strut their stuff down the catwalk, the sound of clicking smartphone cameras echoing through the crowd. “It was fantastic!” gushed one front row fan after the show. “Matilda looked amazing and the rugby boys… well it was better than Magic Mike!”

I think it’s safe to say that we have a winner for the prize of most memorable moment of New Zealand Fashion Week 2016. Bloody good show, Jockey. We wait with baited breath to see what (read: the hot men) you send down the catwalk next year.

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