Matilda Rice Just Announced That She Will Be The Face Of Yet Another Huge Brand

Let me just start but saying that I do not understand how this girl manages fit everything into her days, but it seems like there is no sign of Matilda Rice slowing down on her quest for world domination.

After being announced last week as the new face of Jockey, winner of season one of The Bachelor and girlfriend of smoking hot Art Green, Matilda Rice has just announced that she will soon be the face of yet another iconic brand.

On Instagram yesterday the blonde beauty posted a photo that cryptically announced that she will be the new face of none other than mega makeup brand, Maybelline.

“Super secret project with #MaybellineNZ. Can you guess what it is?! Or follow them on Snapchat @MaybellineNZ to find out more ?,” the media sales executive wrote.

According to Spy, the blonde beauty is set to be the new ambassador for Maybelline Push Up Selfies Mascara and is also in the process of  creating content for Maybelline’s new Snapchat channel.

It’s official, this girl is on fire. Go Matilda!

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