Matilda Rice Shares Her #1 Secret For Maintaining A Happy Relationship

A few months ago winner of season one of The Bachelor NZ, Matilda Rice was announced as the gorgeous face of the new Jockey underwear campaign.

After season two of The Bachelor NZ ended in tears with Jordan and Fleur breaking up quickly after the show ended, Matilda and the original bachelor, Art Green have become well known as the great success story of reality dating television.

So how have Matilda and Art managed to make their relationship work and continue to be happy? We had the opportunity to ask Matilda herself and her answer was surprisingly straightforward, yet very adorable.

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“I think sharing fun and experiences are key for maintaining happiness,” Matilda told us. “Quality time (romantic or not) is so important. Whether it’s something romantic, or super casual, the more time you spend living life together, the stronger your relationship becomes.”

So how do our favourite couple spend time together? Matilda says that they love taking a night to relax and cook together.

“The ultimate date for me is a night where Art and I have no plans, and we can just come home, cook a nice meal and have some laughs together. We are pretty busy and don’t spend huge amounts of time at home, so it’s the little things for me.”


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