Mermaid Fitness? This New Fitness Class Lets You Workout Like A Mermaid

It’s no secret that Ariel from The Little Mermaid has the hottest body under the seven seas, so of course it makes sense that the world would begin to follow her workout plan eventually.

Introducing mermaid fitness, the new way to get fit the involves wearing a mermaid tail and basically flailing about in a swimming pool until you look as good as Gigi Hadid in her invisible dress.

Hotel Del Coronado in California has recently started offering mermaid fitness classes to both their guests and the public, charging just $20 for the classes that involve exercises such as doing ab work on the side of the pool, using noodles and beach balls to tone arms, and swimming lengths to engage different leg muscles.

While it all sounds kind of kooky, apparently from a physiological perspective it actually makes sense as swimming in the mermaid tail requires you to move your body in an entirely different and fairly demanding way.

The secret to the mermaid fitness classes is the fact that exercises require participants to move their entire bodies in unison, activating and toning all of your jiggly areas far more than regular swimming does.

Not planning a trip to California anytime soon? Never fear, because you can purchase your very own mermaid tail online and mermaid your way to a hot body at your nearest public pool.

Watch out world, mermaid fitness is about to make a splash.

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