This Is The Most Popular Lipstick On Pinterest

Over the past few weeks we have taken you through the most popular wedding dress on Pinterest, the most popular engagement ring on Pinterest, and even the most popular new food trend on Pinterest. Because you loved them so much, we have another one for you – the most popular lipstick on Pinterest.

When it comes to makeup inspo, I don’t think that any beauty lover would be caught dead denying that Pinterest is basically the bees knees. With millions of different lip colour ideas on the site, the award for the most pinned lipstick goes to none other than lipstick institution MAC for their watch me shimmer lip colour.

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An eye catching pinky coral shade, the colour was a limited edition launch in 2012, reappearing for a short burst in 2015. The bad news is that due to it’s status as a limited edition, it’s almost impossible to track down, however the good news that there are a good few similar equivalents.


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