A New Study Confirms That Basically All Men Are Seedy On Tinder

If you are a man and reading this I’m sorry, but I can’t argue against science.

A new study published by Queen Mary University in London compared the Tinder usage habits of heterosexual men versus heterosexual women and concluded that all men are basically on Tinder for one reason… and that reason is not to hold hands and look longingly into your eyes, sorry ladies.

Within the study, researchers created 14 fake Tinder profiles (seven men, seven women) using stock photos and fake names. The profiles “liked” everyone within a 100-mile radius and the response was overwhelming. While the profiles only made 532 female matches, there were 8,248 male matches. The researchers concluded that the dramatic variance was due to the fact that men were basically “swiping right” to every woman no matter what he actually thought of her.

An additional survey of 131 Tinder users found that 33 percent of men agreed to swiping right to all women. In the same survey, no women indicated that they use this strategy, with 93 percent of women saying that they will only swipe right to men that they find attractive. So yes, that basically speaks for itself.

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Just in case you weren’t annoyed enough at the male Tinder population, the study also found that only seven percent of men messaged a woman after matching, while only 42 percent of men messaged women back who they had matched with after the woman initiated contact.

Yeah… I kind of feel like we didn’t need a study to know all of this but there you go. Men on Tinder are officially seedy creatures from the deep.

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