New Study Finds That Men Are Most Intimidated By Women Who Possess This One Trait

We all know the saying – men are from Mars and women are from Venus, and when it comes to understanding how each other think, well that is often a hard task. Since the beginning of time men and women have basically been trying to figure out what on earth each other are thinking and to be honest, often it’s just plain confusing.

A new study however has shed some light on the way that men actually think and it may be bleak news for successful and smart women everywhere. According to a study conducted by the Warsaw School of Economics, men are intimidated by intelligent women and for this reason, often put more emphasis on beauty than brains when it comes to finding a partner.

Researchers analysed speed-dating data from over 500 Columbia University students, looking to figure out if men prefer smarts to beauty. After each round of speed-dating, participants were asked to rate their date on a scale of one to 10, based on attraction and intelligence. They were also asked to state whether they would like to see their date again, using a yes or no answer.

The study found that men liked the intelligent women to an extent, however there came a point where men were put-off by the intelligence of a woman. On the other hand, the study found that women valued the intelligence of a man and were not put-off by men who appeared to be very smart.


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