New Study Finds That This Common Habit Could Quadruple Your Chance Of Getting A STD

Okay, I know that sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are not exactly a fun and exciting topic and chances are you probably don’t think about this kind of stuff too much. You also probably don’t think about your pubic hair all that much… I know I don’t.

However, a new study has uncovered some fairly interesting findings that draw a clear collection between your pubic hair and your chance of getting a STD. The study that was published in the journal Sexually Transmitted Infections found that those who groomed their pubic hair regularly were far more likely to contract a STD. 

The study surveyed 14,000 18- to 65-year-old men and women about whether they groom their pubic hair, asking how often they groomed it and removed it and also asking which tools they used. After the results were collected, the researchers placed study participants in one of four categories; “extreme” groomers, who removed all of their pubic hair more than 11 times a year, “high frequency” groomers, who trimmed on a daily or weekly basis, “non-extreme groomers,” who only occasionally removed all or any of their pubic hair, and “low-frequency” groomers, who didn’t normally do any grooming.

In the end the researchers found that any kind of grooming resulted in an 80 percent increase in risk of getting a STD, when compared with those who did not groom at all. Those who were “extreme” or “high frequency” groomers were almost four times more likely to get a STD.

While it wasn’t entirely clear why this occurred, researchers suggested that this may be due to the fact that razors may create “epidermal microtears,” which put groomers at a higher risk of contracting STDs like HPV. Researchers also suggested that the findings could be explained by the fact that many groomers are younger and more sexually active, therefore automatically increasing their chances of contracting a STD when compared with older, non-groomers who only have one partner.

Overall, researchers noted that grooming yourself down there doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get a STD, however the link between grooming and rates of STDs did seem to be unusually high and overall, using protection is always the best way to stay safe – no matter what your grooming habits may be.

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