Nutritionists Say That This Is The Best Carb To Eat If You Are Trying To Shed Pounds Fast

Look, I know that the whole carb-free diet is popular among people who are trying to lose weight but to be honest, that really just isn’t going to work for me because at the end of the day, you can’t beat carbs. Am I right, people?

Lucky for all of the carb-lovers out there, a new study has looked closely at the impact that carbs have on our bodies and found that there are some carbs that are better to eat than others if you are trying to lose weight.

The study that was published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition looked at whether pasta or potatoes were more satiating – AKA which of the carbs left study participants feeling more satisfied for longer.

For five days research participants were fed a normal breakfast, a carb-based lunch and then a standard dinner. On different days the participants would receive a lunch of meatballs and tomato sauce, a side salad, and a side dish of either fries, a baked potato, a mashed potato, potato wedges, or pasta. Each of the lunch combinations contained the same amount of calories.

In the period after lunch the participants noted that after they had eaten the fries they felt far more satisfied for longer than they did when they ate other carb-based sides. Overall, participants found that after eating the potato-based meals they felt fuller for longer, meaning that they did not need to eat as often.

Overall, the study revealed a scientific fact that I’m pretty sure many people will be happy to get behind – if you’re trying to lose weight but you’re having a ‘cheat’ day, eating fries is the best option when it comes to your carb-based treat. Bring on those fries!

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