The One Food That Alicia Keys Cut From Her Diet To Clear Her Skin

A few months ago, singer Alicia Keys took the world by storm when she announced that she was no longer going to wear makeup, telling fans that, “I don’t want to cover up anymore.”

The star now proudly embraces her makeup-free face at some of the industry’s biggest events and has become somewhat of an inspiration for women all around the world who have at times felt immense pressure to always look flawless and pack on the makeup.

In a recent interview with Elle UKKeys opened up about her makeup free lifestyle and got real about the fact that she didn’t always have perfect skin that looked good without makeup. “It took me forever to get this skin,” she said. “I mean, I know how it feels to have a face full of bumps and pimples.”

The turning point came when Keys decided to cut out dairy as a way of trying to clear her acne and improve her skin tone. “When I first got pregnant [six years ago with her son, Egypt], I started to eliminate dairy from my diet and drank a lot more water, which made a huge difference to my skin,” she explained.

With a number of studies linking dairy consumption with acne, Keys is not alone in cutting out dairy to clear her skin and in fact many medical professionals are now recommending this for women who suffer from acne. Coconut milk latte anyone?

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