People Are Absolutely Losing Their Minds Over This New Nail Polish Trend

Sometimes it feels like there is a new nail trend sweeping the internet almost every week, however it’s been awhile since people got this excited about nail polish.

The newest nail trend that is taking over the internet is mirror nail polish and FYI it is seriously cool.

Currently the top pin in the Hair and Beauty category on Pinterest, the mirror nail polish is made by Born Pretty and is the first of its kind.

While metallic and mirrored nail wraps have been around for awhile now, no nail polish before now has managed to achieve the perfect mirror finish.

The metallic shade is created in two steps – first requiring a base coat of clear polish, before a silver, reflective top coat is applied to achieve the perfect mirror finish.

Forget having to pull out your compact mirror to reapply your lipstick, now you can just check your reflection in your nails!

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