People are fuming at tourists who went swimming in Rome’s 400-year-old fountain

When I was little I used to go swimming in the fountain at the local park, and it was always one of my favourite summer activities.

Despite my great love of fountain swimming, even I wouldn’t dare dip my toe in Rome’s prized 400-year-old fountain because: 1) it’s old as heck and I can’t afford to pay if I break that thing and 2) drunk people probably occasionally pee in there and you know that thing ain’t chlorinated!

However, apparently some tourists in Rome didn’t quite feel the same way and decided to take a casual swim in the Fontana dell’Acqua Paola – a 400-year-old Roman landmark.

As you can imagine, Romans did not take this well, with many locals taking to social media to express their anger.
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Among the social media messages, tweet’s called the women disrespectful and rude and slammed the tourists for using an ancient monument as a swimming pool.

“‘It is very hot but the fountain of the Janiculum can not become a pool [for] tourists,” online magazine Trastavere wrote on Twitter. “Rome deserves more respect!”

Let this be a lesson – no matter how hot it is next time you are in Rome, do not attempt to swim in ancient landmarks. Maybe just get an ice cream instead, kids.

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